Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Jenny Simpson

    It's May, and everywhere you look in this part of the world you see bright yellow fields of flowering rapeseed crops. Get really close to one and you'll find a dense tangle of spindly brassicas about five feet high topped of course with the vivid yellow flowers.
    Yesterday afternoon I had cause to walk through such a field. A public footpath crosses it and as required by the local council the farmer has mowed a narrow path through his crop to keep the right of way open.My mother's dog takes this as an opportunity to entangle herself  and her lead in as many of the tough stems as she can. Bless her.
     It was only when I reached the other side of the field that I looked down. My arms and clothing were bright yellow, covered with pollen from brushing against thousands of flowers. I looked like an extra from a live-action Simpsons movie.
    Fortunately though I still had four fingers on each hand.


  1. Rod Flanders: "I'm jealous of girls, because they get to wear dresses."

    Ned Flanders: "One problem at a time, boy..."

  2. One of my favourite skirts is yellow, but I've never had arms to match!


  3. @Cathy: That's exactly what went through my mind! I couldn't remember whether it was Rod or Todd though.

    @Angie: All I have to do now is find a suitable soft fruit farm to walk through to turn my hair blue, and I've had the full makeover.

  4. So a nice new cameraphone and no yellow arm pictures? Or pitcures of a sereen English spring vista?



  5. Mother Nature will be pleased to know that you were pollinating her crops! She might even make you an honorary bee. ;-)

    Melissa XX