Saturday, 16 January 2010

Girl day, boy day

Today is a girl day, as was yesterday. Tomorrow may be a boy day, or all of next week may be boy days. Or I may get lucky and have another run of girl days.

Do other transgendered people at the mercy of an unregulated testosterone habit get this variable aggression? Never knowing whether you'll be driving a metaphorical Nissan Micra city car or a BMW M3? Genetic girls of the Cosmopolitan feminist variety are fond of wheeling out the "We get periods and you don't" speech, well at least they know almost exactly when it's going to happen.

There. I have ALWAYS wanted to deliver this rant to a Cosmo feminist aggrieved at imagined injustice that was old hat even for her grandmother. That, and respond, "Well since you ask..." to the "I bet you wouldn't want to have to have babies!" speech. For now you, dear reader, will have to do.

Feels better to have got that off my chest, anyway. 


  1. I think you'll find, Jenny, that the deeper you get into this habit, the more every day will be a girl day. No matter how you're dressed.

    I'm a girl in my head most all the time now. Lots of redecorating going on in there. More curtains and sconces.

  2. I'm a girl in my head all right, it just seems on boy days I'm a girl who lacks common sense :)

  3. What the others said :)

    Calie xxx

  4. Um....that should have been "other" without the "s" gf, Leslie!