Thursday, 7 January 2010

Where I want to go

To my knowledge, I've never met any other transgendered people. I'd be extremely surprised if that meant I've never really met anyone transgendered, it's just that none of my male friends or acquaintences have ever admitted to transgendered tendencies and if any of the girls I know are transgendered then they're a hell of a lot better at passing than I am.

Statistically though it's not impossible that I know someone who's transgendered and don't know it because they're in the closet. After all, they know me, and as far as they're all concerned I'm nothing but a bloke.

I don't like to think of myself as in the closet because I've been out to my wife for years. But face it, nobody else knows about me so have I done any better than someone who's bottling it all up and hiding it away from everyone? So I think it's time I asserted myself more as a transgendered person. To that end, here's my current action plan.

  • I would like to cease to be a silent spectator and interact with other transgendered people. This blog is only part of it, over time if I gain the courage I'll be making forays into the real world as well.
  • I'm going to come out to someone else but my wife. This will be difficult, I have to choose who from my friends with care and I'll pick my moment, but I see that as an important step. I don't have to prance around like the hermit in Monty Python's Life of Brian, shrieking "I'm a girl!, I'm a girl!", I just have to see whether I have it within me to tell someone who knows me only as male.
  • I am going to find a supplier of ladies shoes who can fit a UK size 15 foot. The barefoot beach look's getting old.
  • Above all, I'm going to have fun.

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