Sunday, 24 January 2010

The magic millimetre

A very short post. 

Stop-n-grow rocks! I have just under a millimetre's unbitten nail growth in the few days since I started applying it. Last night's celebration was lilac nail polish which looked so much better than on bitten nails. 

It'll be a week or so before they're fully fixed, at that point I'll have to follow Stace's example and reach for the nail file. I must resist the temptation to let them grow to vamp proportions.


  1. It will be tempting to vamp it up after so many years of none. On the bright side, any nails at all will seem feminine and pretty to you. Good job, girlfriend!

  2. Believe me, it was a wrench to remove the polish from nails without a jagged edge at the top!

    I've just woken with the awful taste in my mouth though. Fortunately no falling off the wagon, I must stuff my fingers in my mouth as I sleep. Ugh! :)

  3. I was sure I answered earlier this morning... Guess I pressed the wrong button (it was early).

    I was just going to say well done on getting them longer! I just cut mine yesterday as they were starting to get too long and noticable... It was a wrench but I think people in the office ask enough questions without purposely adding things :)

    Incedentally, have you managed to stop your food tasting of the stuff yet? :)


  4. Still get the occasional taste.

    I have people making comments at work too. I answer with something like the truth. "Absolutely! Out and proud!"

    Best way to deal with it, they take it as a joke and move on.