Thursday, 21 January 2010

Painting my nails at work

Yesterday morning before work, I painted my nails. Some time about elevenish, sitting at my desk at work in full view of my colleagues, I painted them again. And again before going home.

Going full time? Sadly not.

All my life, I've bitten my fingernails. It's a nervous compulsion so I've found it very difficult to stop. I've now decided it's time to get serious and stop it to grow some nicer nails, so I've bought a little bottle of Stop-n-Grow "willpower in a bottle", clear nail paint with an awful taste. It's water soluble and it needs reapplying after hand washing, so the best bit is that even presenting as a full-on bloke I can perfectly legitimately be seen regularly doing my nails.

I succumbed to the temptation to shamelessly femme up the process in the finest tradition of bored receptionists everywhere to see just how much I could get away with. 

Damn that stuff tastes gross!


  1. May be that's a better way of not biting your nails than I do. On the advice of my wife I have started to file my nails instead of biting them.

    And as I have a little bit of an obsesive / adictive nature I have started to do it without realising. People have commented. Oops :)

  2. I wouldn't be so sure, the damn taste gets everywhere. Ruined a perfectly good toasted crumpet last night.

    Still, it does work. I've found myself unconsciously starting biting them and sharply stopping when the taste hits me several times.

    People commenting? Yes, they did. Presenting as a huge blokey bloke is fantastic camouflage! :)

  3. Sad about the crumpet, that is one of the few nice things about the winter. Doing nails is an excellent way to improve use of non dominant hands! Good luck, nice nails are such a joy.

    Caroline xx

  4. Food ruined score today: the lettuce in my lunchtime sandwich. Must remember the stuff's water soluble.

    Thanks for the encouragement, maybe this'll improve my mascara skills too :)

  5. LOL, Jenny!! I admire your courage to paint your nails at work. What a great excuse to give!

    Calie xxx

  6. Some day that chutzpah's going to get me in to trouble.