Thursday, 10 June 2010

As seen on...

    The brilliant XKCD web comic features "Actual size!" stickers in its store. From the description:
80% of public advertisements would be greatly improved by an 'actual size!' claim, from 8.5x11 "Regina Spektor Live In Concert!" flyers to ten-foot PS3 banners to airline ads in the subway with pictures of 747s. You know what to do.
    In a similar vein, I feel there are billboard clothing adverts that would benefit from a sticker bearing this message:

    Thanks to Claire for the inspiration.


  1. You silly goose! :-D

    Melissa XX

  2. :)

    There used to be a great billboard for heineken at Schiphol. One of their massive billboards that was visible from the A4 motorway was simply a giant Heneieken Can (think the old Fosters can at Donnington Park) With a note underneath saying 'Not Actual Size. Sorry'


  3. Love this sticker, which I will shamelessly use at some point in the future. The Heineken advert ....wish I'd seen it.
    Melissa....I hope no geese were harmed in the construction of you comment.
    This comment may contain nuts.

  4. Thank you ladies for your appreciation of my boredom-alleviation moment!

    WRT Actual size, have any of you ever seen the Outspan Mini? Surely there's an Indiana Jones moment in there somewhere!