Monday, 28 June 2010

Ze Var is over for you, Englander

     It's over, we're out of the World Cup. Not before time, we really were crap, disallowed goal or not.
There's another reason to rejoice, it means an end for the time being to the obsession among the tabloid press with the second world war when it comes to any mention of the German football team or the Falklands war when it comes to the Argentinians. We shall fight them on the pitches indeed! I have to agree with the German interior minister on this one, get over it people, it's getting old!
     But then again, if it's acceptable to harp on about long-ago military endeavour in these situations there's a whole history to choose from. How annoying, we played the USA in the groups and I didn't seize the opportunity to mention the war of 1812! Yeah, a quick mention of Lord Liverpool is sure to have 'em quaking in their boots!


  1. It still hurts to remember the English burning our capitol almost 200 years ago. An old wound made fresh. Ouch!

    Sorry about your loss. Yorktown, anyone?

  2. Weather Alert: I hear that there are warnings of severe floods in the North of England....this is due to millions of Scots peeing themselves laughing over the weekend!.....I got this text from a Scottish friend within the hour after the game had ended!

  3. I like joshing the Frenchies about Agincourt. They pretend they've never heard of it, bless 'em, but of course they have.... "Agincourt and the occasional rugby match, doo da, doo dah..."

  4. With that post title, you must have seen the film "Went the day well?" will it turn out that Capello was the Leslie Banks character? The Quisling squire? "You foolish Englanders, did you think you could stand in the way.....etc". Jermaine Defoe as the poacher.... I must stop this now. Jenny you have created a monster, I will now spend the day putting on silly accents and Google-ing Leslie Banks instead of working. Vorsprung durch technic.

  5. @Leslie: A fitting reminder that having the French on your side can bring results!

    @Claire: I too have been fighting the insertion a comedy German accent into my thoughts all morning since writing this piece.

    Yesterday's performance makes Thierry Henri's handball ever more unjust.

    @Dru: That's the trouble, there are so many to choose from, Waterloo, Trafalgar... Hang on (looks/) Is that "Calais" engraved on my heart?

  6. I was in Edinburgh recently and happened to be in a branch of Wetherspoons during one of the first round matches. Perhaps I was naive to be surprised by the size of the crowd, however I have no idea how many of them were Scottish. Loved Leslie Ann's joke :-D

    What is tiring too is the harking back to "1966, when England won the World Cup." Enough. Meanwhile, the English *cricket* team are truly trouncing the Aussies in the one day internationals, but does that make the headlines in the same way the footy does?

  7. Absolutely, I could rant at length about '66. We won. Once. Get over it.

    Maybe we'll rediscover ourselves as a cricketing nation after this.