Thursday, 10 June 2010


    This is a learning process, isn't it. In girl terms, we're fourteen years old, we don't really know nothing about nothing despite decades of closer observation of femininity than is normal for a bloke. I don't have to take the crash course required of someone going full-time so none of it's too serious for me, but even so from time to time  there comes one of those moments when I realise I have something to learn.
    If you ask a cross-dresser wearing any label about their formative experiences the chances are that somewhere in the mix will be a tale involving shoes. Stana posted hers a few days ago, I'm sure a read around the blogosphere will reveal more. Trying on one's mothers or sister's heels seems to be an important rite-of-passage for the gender variant youth, meaning that the wearing of heels is as much a part of it all as the rest of the clothing and walking in them as an adult does not present a problem.
    Unfortunately for me I was denied that particular pleasure. I'm sorry to say that what female shoes there were in our house seemed to be spectacularly boring in nature, and having outsize feet from a relatively early age none of them would have fit me anyway. Perhaps that's as well, the most important footwear when you grow up on a British farm are your wellies.
    So I was presented with a bit of a problem yesterday when I unwrapped my shiny new Le Dames with their three inch heel. Yes, they fit. Wow! They make my feet look smaller! So that's what the top of the lamp shade looks like! Now, how the hell do I walk in them?
    Not as much of a problem as I expected. Ankles intact, I made a circuit or two of our flat. Damn. We live in a tiny flat. I need a proving ground. Ideally a long echo-y corridor straight from a school or a hospital. Tell me you've never sat there all envious as someone toc-toc-tocs her way along! Our flat is too full of furniture. So, open the doors, out of the living room, down the passage, into the bathroom, turn through 180 degrees, reverse the above, and so on. Avoid the kitchen with its lino, make sure to take in the nice bit of hard floor by the front door. Soundless on the carpet, so   -  -  -  -toc(by the front door)-  -  -  -  -toc-  -  and so on. At this point my wife thinks it's all very funny. I don't blame her.
    The plus side is that after all that fun and games, my feet don't hurt. I can now see why very tall women like my sister or my cousin rarely wear such heels. I'm very glad to have a pair though, it's one of those because I can moments. And believe me, I will.


  1. That is so wonderful Jenny; a reminder that there are a lot of things that tickle our heart that make no sense whatsoever to our logical minds!

    Being able to examine the tops of things isn't bad, is it? :D

    One of the most attractive ladies I knew at school was at least 5'10" and she always wore heels, and stood so tall. A very attractive lady she was; so proud.

    What a neat sound... toc, toc, ...

  2. Interesting that Stana managed to take to heels easily, and always walked on her tip toes. I still do spend most of the day on tip toes when not in shoes and also had no issues walking in heels...

    The toc toc is great - working in an old shool building, and wearing leather heeled cowboy boots an amount of the time I get that even in bloke mode. Though it confuses those who hear me coming, but don't see me until the last moment :)


  3. You have to learn to walk in heels, so it is important to get it right straight away - then whenever you put them on you will naturally walk in a feminine way. You must find a way to get out and about wearing them and get used to them before you try and tackle stairs!.

    Suzie x

  4. That's one of the greatest things about being full time where I work. I often have to get up and walk the long hall between the cubicles for some reason or another, listening to the sounds of my heels tocking on the floor.

    I'm 5'10" myself and often asked by one of my co-workers, "How's the weather up there?"

    Every so often, I pass a conference room and it's a bit of a trick to quiet the heels. I liken it to a stealth maneuver where I slow my pace down and try to land on my toes, but I stil get a quieter toc-toc.


  5. desized is today's verification word and I think it is what many of us have wished for.

    That sound is magical but flat sandals just don't do it and I count myself lucky to have found them in my size.

    Caroline xxx

  6. Thanks all, glad you understand :)

    I think you're more likely to see me in something a lot flatter but if I can walk in these then anything lower should be a breeze.

  7. Show me a tranny that doesn't like shoes! You won't find one!

    We all go through this. It reminded me of a post I did a year or so ago about my experience prior to owning my own.

    OMG I Broke It!

    Calie xxx

  8. Fortunately Mrs. J's more desirable footwear is safe from my attentions by virtue of being about ten sizes smaller than mine.