Friday, 4 June 2010

There's nothing sensible when it comes to shoes.

    A while back I lamented that my only chance of finding ladies shoes in my advanced size had evaporated as the UK supplier of Le Dame shoes  had given up on that particular line. Not being one to give up in a hurry I made a few enquiries and now with the help of Bernie at Le Dame and my amused-but-not-shocked Stateside friend G there is a new pair of shoes on its way to me.
    It's one of those sheepish moments, being caught in the act of an irrational piece of girl shopping. I don't need these shoes. They will not be the most comfortable footwear I've ever worn. They will look good to me on my feet but I'd have to question the sanity of anyone else who could see me wearing them without giggling. I certainly don't need to rise even further above those around me than I already have. Door frames already elicit an unconscious duck from me, why on earth should I make it even worse?
   Yet I want them. They've called out to me ever since I first found them months ago, black patent exerts a strong pull.
   Have I been caught in the same way buying frivolous stuff as a bloke? Of course not, naturally, blokes never buy anything frivolous!
    Well, maybe there was that Triumph Herald convertible. I didn't need a third car, especially not one that turned out to be as rusty as that one. And was it worth putting up with a 640x480 pixel CMOS sensor for a few years just to be the first person in my group to own a digital camera? Didn't think so. Gotcha!
    My shoes will arrive sometime next week, with luck. You'll know me by sight, I'll have a bruise on my forehead.


  1. per ardua ad astra, and all that stuff :-)

    postscript: today's word verification word is 'gonad'. How rude!

  2. Jenny,

    What girl can resist a pretty pair of black patent heels? :-)


    Now that's funny! :-D

    Melissa XX

  3. It may be frivolous, but it has to be done occasionally :)

    I think that I have done enough in bloke mode as well... (Impulse car shopping, that's one of my (not Mrs Stace's) favorites.)


  4. @Dru: Th think I've already gone far enough ad astra thank you very much! :)

    At risk of a "People called Romanes they go the 'ouse?" moment: penicullus per poena.

    @Melissa: absolutely, certainly not this one!

    @Stace: At least your impulse car and bike shopping has been for roadworthy examples.

  5. I should add to this, the best moment from my Long Chat with G.

    "So now you know, yes I do ride my motorcycle like a girl!"

    Which made him laugh. A lot.

  6. Shoes shoes shoes. It is amazing the allure they have. I have just got back from my lunch break and popped into next to return some clothes my wife and I ordered. I was a little late back because I couldnt pull myself away from the shoes!
    I hope you are going to post a picture or 2!

  7. Love the comment with G :)

    And yes you are right, my impulse buys were always road worthy examples.

    My deep thought purchase is the one that has been parked up on axel stands for 6 years now :) (OK it looked road worthy when I got it)


  8. Jenny, we wear high heels 'cos we can. Nutz to being rational - that spoils all the fun :)

    My first car was a Triumph Herald coupe. The convertible might have been a better choice as whenever anyone sat in the back seat they cracked their head on the roof. It was a nice way to reward stroppy girlfriends, though!

  9. @Lisa: Yeah, I know...

    @Stace: At least while on axle stands it's not costing you anything.

    @Angie: if you still had that coupe it's be worth a bit, they're rarer'n hen's teeth nowadays!

  10. You MUST have those shoes, girlfriend! Just duck under the doors and walk like a lady!

    Calie xxx

  11. They'll soon be mine, don't worry. And I owe G a pint or two of his room temperature beverage of choice next time I see him.