Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Things you can't say out loud

    There are some things you just can't say out loud.

    One of them has to be "That's a lovely skirt, I have that one too!". Women have those conversations all the time, as a silent observer I have heard many. But not scruffy blokes in conversation with their fellow office workers on a visit to the coffee maker.

    Unsurprisingly she looks far better in hers than I ever do in mine.


  1. I've outed myself that way a couple of times, ie, "I have that top", or "I used to have a skirt just like that." I suppose it all depends on who witnesses such a confession.

  2. One day at work years ago, I complimented a woman who supervised one of the product packing & shipping crews, on the beautiful fuchsia sweater she was wearing. It was so pretty, that I couldn't help myself, and with a good deal of enthusiasm I blurted out, "I love that sweater you're wearing!" She flashed a big smile back at me and said, "Why, thank you! If you're nice, I'll let you wear it sometime." I wasn't expecting an answer like that, and I'm afraid my face betrayed me, when it turned the same color as her sweater! I never made that mistake again.

    It does suck, to have to constantly restrain your emotions.

    Melissa XX

  3. About 10 years ago I saw a woman wearing a lovely dress and gushed, I love your dress, it look like my size
    I can relate to the frustration of having to keep these thoughts and feeling in.

  4. I'd probably modify the title to say:

    Things you can't say out loud except in private to trans friends.

    My comments to Rebecca yesterday:

    "Love that top"

    "Are those red pumps size 12?"

    Regarding the latter...I just know she was expecting me to ask her if I could have them when she got tired of them.

    Comments made in a private location, btw.

    Now, I must add that I do frequently make comments to one particular woman at work regarding her fashion choices (and those of others). She loves the compliments and laughs at the dishes directed toward others and doesn't appear to think of me other than a Dedicated Follower of Fashion (Kinks, 1966, for those too young).

    Calie xxx

  5. The thing is, I have my male impersonation act on my side. To them I'm so unquestionably all bloke, I'm quick on the replies and I'm known to be very happily married and old enough not to be on the pull. So I'd probably get awy with laughing off a slip. But I'd do better not to slip in the first place.

    If someone came back to me with "I'll let you wear it sometime" I'd have to riposte with "Absolutely darling, your place or mine?" in my finest Joanna Lumley-esque drawl.

    Calie, I may be a relative youngster, but my education in the matter of popular beat combos is not lacking! :)

  6. I’ve had been pretty much oblivious about women’s clothes until I discovered that I’m actually part of the club… since then, I notice. I actually FOCUS on it. And I’ve been commenting a lot about my female co-worker’s clothes, and I’m getting more and more enthusiastic about it! So far, it hasn’t caused any stir… just plain enjoyment. In these moments I feel like a true woman, although I still (have to) wear drab at work. But there’s this special connection I feel, and I swear it’s mutual!

    Maybe it’s just in my head… but hey, I don’t care if it makes me happy!

  7. I guess it's a;ways been an interest of mine, classic tranny me :)

    I'm reminded of a TS I met a month or two ago who must I guess have transitioned about a decade ago. She was saying how the clothes just didn't do it for her any more now whe's full time, they're just everyday clothes. I think she was in a small way trying to lord it over the part-timers present. It struck me at the time that an interest in female clothing isn't just something you have as a part timer or a TV or something which becomes boring and old hat later, I'd liken my interest to that of a genetic girl with an interest in fashion, it's not about the clothes themselves simply because "Wow! They're girl clothes!" but the look they achieve. I suspect that's probably why I've never really "got" some of the costume scenes within our community - maids, nurses, brides etc.

  8. It's always an issue isn't it when you want to say something but can't...

    Must be nice having the confidence to do the Joanna Lumely impression - that would be something to see :)


  9. It's truly amazing how much you can get away with as a stealth girl! :)

  10. I've made those ephemeral unconscious statements in the past to those I hadn't disclosed to almost as a Freudian slip before I had engaged the concious side and realised what I was saying.


  11. I just know that slip is going to come for me eventually.