Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Up and down

   It's some crazy-early hour of the morning, a GD dip has robbed me of the ability to sleep, I feel all groggy from the sleep medication and something I ate last night has given me gas. Too Much Information? Hell yeah!
   Something happened that made me laugh yesterday morning. I went to see my doctor for a repeat prescription. I had one or two questions for him, all of which he was able to answer. One of them concerned hair loss medication. Finasteride. I'm by no means going bald, but I've reached that time of life at which my hairline is starting to recede a little. It occurs to me that someone in my position would be better served by hanging on to a decent head of hair while they still have it, hence the question. I doubt that my doctor has many male patients who are unconcerned when told that a side effect in two percent of patients is gynaecomastia.
   I nearly came out to my boss last night. It's time for the Long Chat at work. He'd had a rough night being woken by his baby daughter though so I thought I'd try to catch him in a better frame of mind. That's going to be one of those conversations that just isn't going to be easy because though he's a decent bloke he hails from a very plain-speaking Scandinavian country and unfortunately his main exposure to anything remotely transgendered comes from holidays in Thailand. How to you explain that the more "colourful" aspects of Thai society that you've heard him talking about are very different in a cultural sense from a medical condition that's ripping your brain apart? I hope he has the good sense to engage brain before letting his jaw flap because I fear he may say something he regrets later. Fortunately I'm not too sensitive but it would be unfortunate, to say the least.
   Sadly my wife is having a bit of a hard time of it just at the moment. I think the idea of accompanying me dressed to a support group meeting is weighing on her mind, and her comfort zone is undergoing a slight contraction. I can't blame her, this isn't in the user guide for Being A Wife, but it has made for some fraught moments. Though I would prefer to be en femme I'll go along as bloke if she'd prefer that but unfortunately she's taking a dogged approach, insisting that I attend as planned even though she's not entirely happy with it. As has happened before, once it is over and has gone smoothly I think she will be more relaxed in that particular direction. I'm certainly not anxious to push her envelope.
   So I guess you could say these are Interesting Times. I just wish I could sleep through them.


  1. It definitely sounds like you have a good launching point for your conversation with your boss, and if you plan it carefully, you can educate him before fully coming out.

    Maybe a few conversations about what you've "learned" about transgender people, including those you've "met" might be in order, and you can gauge how he takes it.

    Your wife is being incredibly supportive, and I'm sure it's worth every ounce of gratitude you can throw her way. The fact that she's willing to attend group with you is a tremendously positive sign.


  2. It seems that you and I are going to have these converstaions at a similar time.
    I can completely relate to your concern over that converstaion.
    Your wife does sound like she is trying really hard to support you. As Sophie says thats a good sign.
    Patience and understanding as well as lots of communication pretty much as you are oding seems to be the best formula.
    I hope you enjoy your meeting.

  3. As I've frequently stated I feel incredibly lucky in that my wife is understanding of all this. That's not the same as her being completely happy with everything because it's a hell of a lot to take in, but from where I'm sitting it's pretty good and I will do anything to keep her happy with it.

    The work conversation, I'll have to pick my moment with care. I'll know when, I think.

  4. You're married, with a soul mate and someone lying next to you at night. Go easy on her, Jenny....baby steps, girlfriend.

    Calie xxx

  5. Absolutely, don't I know it!