Monday, 14 June 2010

Frenchmen with too much time on their hands

    I would like to draw my readers attention to a piece from Jane Fae Ozimek at the excellent news organ, The Register. Required reading for we geeks.
    It seems one's gender is now to be defined by one's bust, in France at least.  Good news for someone like me who's just been prescribed a medication for which one of the possible side effects is gynaecomastia!
    You may recognise some of the names going into battle with the dullards in the comments on the piece.


  1. I loved this reply to your comment:

    ..sorry Jennyalto, but you are clearly using common sense, logic and empathy in your post. I must insist you cut that out right now and post a knee-jerk, badly thought out response right this second.

    I didn't enjoy the whole thing being brought back to the toilet debate again... Do people seriously think we go thorugh what we go through just to catch sight of, wait for it, a cubicle door!


  2. For it is written, that where even Trans 101 is unknown, someone will go on about The Toilets. Well done on combatting the pond life! Now wash those wellies!

  3. Any time, my trusty keyboard glints bright in the darkness, ready to fight another day!

    Just what do they think we get up to in the ladies's loo anyway? I strongly suspect it would disturb their teenaged minds more to see a slightly unconvincing nearly seven foot girl in the men's loo!

    That said I keep dropping gentle hints to my local support group that it's part of girl 101: put the damn seat down!

  4. As entertaining as that is, I found the bit about the Aussies banning porn featuring small-breasted women to be hi-larious, as Jayne Cobb might've said.

  5. I await the first legal action brought by an unemployable under-endowed porn star with interest.

    Perhaps they should eat some more Fruity Oaty Bars: "Fruity Oaty Bars! Make you bust out of your blouse!"