Sunday, 5 September 2010

Old friend, new acquaintance

    A few months ago I described  the moment at which I discovered a mate of mine from one of my distinctly blokeish circles of friends was experiencing similar gender issues to my own. Last night A and I finally encountered each other in girl form, rather than the usual grubby outdoor blokes we normally see each other as.
    Nothing special, just an evening at a friend's house eating Italian food and watching films, but after several months it was good to see her out in the open. I think she makes a better job of it than I do, but isn't that always the way. She's a little more closeted than I am here in our home town so had taken a little persuading, I hope she enjoyed herself.
    I've heard it said before that transgendered people seem to share a surprising number of interests.  I read a piece recently from April about how a lot of us have obsessive interests in common as an attempt to divert ourselves from our gender issues, and A and I are no exception. We share a couple of the stereotypical interests for British t-girls, and each independently have a couple of the others.
    I can't help casting a speculative eye around the rest of the techies, geeks, adrenaline junkies and petrolheads with whom I spend the occasional weekend day of little interest to my wife, and thinking "OK then, who else of you do I have this in common with?". I'm sure A and I aren't the only ones. Time will tell I guess, as I edge more out into the open.


  1. Yes, we would be surprised indeed! Glad you two found each other and had a great time of it.

  2. Interesting... I jumped into triathlon training about three years ago... it takes over one's life. I started seriously exploring my gender, and completely lost interest in triathlon.

  3. It was rather unexpected to find A among my bloke friends. With luck we'll tempt her out again.

    One or two of my passions have withered slightly too as I've started slithering down the slippery slope of gender variance. What can you do except hang on?

  4. Hang on tight and have a great ride.