Thursday, 9 September 2010

Tudor horror

    Last week we spent several days in Turbocharged Rollerskate meandering the byways where England meets Wales.
    Opposite us at a traffic lights, a shop. "Bride of Ledbury". Must be like Bride of Dracula, only half-timbered with diamond paned windows.
    Well, it made us laugh, anyway.


  1. She sounds scary, does this bride.

    I did a double-take at a tyre depot in Marseilles once. It was called Gay Pneus.

  2. And you didn't stop in for a pint of blood?

    Melissa XX

  3. You could have so much fun with fonts writing that particular sign!

    We didn't stop, we were on a mission to climb the tower at Ludlow Castle, something I last did in about 1978.