Thursday, 30 September 2010

Busy month

    So it's the end of another month, about as busy a one as I've ever had. Not enough time to sit down and use a web browser so there have been a lot of blog comments I never got round to making and one or two posts that never made it here. Aren't you all lucky!
    Reflections on a new job, one month in. I knew the work would be more interesting and I knew the environment would be less stressful. I didn't expect that along with that would come such an upsurge from the girl. I'm working in a mixed environment and I guess some girl envy must be creeping in, I'm surrounded by very intelligent, attractive and successful women and while I'm loving it because I've completely left the bloke act from my previous employer behind it would be too much to expect for some of the scruffy feeling not to get to me.
    But there is plenty for me to do and I have a new experience, that of being respected as someone with my particular speciality. I've experienced so many awful management cultures it's a shock to find an organisation that's at pains to get it right.
     Now I have my feet under my desk (specially raised, with extra-large office chair and monitor riser) I can look forward. The job shift has been a success and I don't want the girl to get in the way. Time to start planning another outing to keep her occupied I think. It might seem surprising in this environment, but I've only had a couple of chances to be out of safe spaces presenting female since my debut in May, the opportunities just haven't presented themselves.
    There's something to look forward to!


  1. If you are that busy perhaps it is just as well we were not well!

    Good to read that the job is what you hoped for and the company so much better, you will thrive there I'm sure.

    We will meet one day soon I'm sure.

    Caroline xxx

  2. Congratulations on your settling in, glad its going well. xx

  3. Thanks both! Caroline, I'd far rather you were both fit, trip dahn sahf or not!

  4. Hi Jenny. It's been a while since I visited your blog. Apologies. Well it seems you have moved on a tad and got yourself a better job! I have to admire your strength (?) being surrounded by all those women and probably wrestling with your thoughts the whole time. I hope the work keeps you sane! Best wishes and success anyhow. Love
    Shirley Anne xxx

  5. Hi Shirley Anne, Thanks, and that's OK, you've been pretty busy yourself with all your garden and building projects on top of earning a living!

    The work's keeping me sane, it's interesting.

    Being surrounded by women at work has one advantage, I can slip into mental girl mode. Which makes all the difference from my previous place where I couldn't.