Saturday, 25 September 2010

Stuck transsexual

    I had an appointment with my local gender specialist psychiatrist yesterday. Nothing special and it went very well, just talking about my referral to the GIC.
    He had a colleague with him who he was training. I had no objection to her presence, so the first ten minutes or so of the appointment was dedicated to his filling her in on my background and situation. His summation of my position for her amused me, it seems I am a "Stuck transsexual".
    It must be a medical term and all, but for some reason I can't help thinking of pigs.


  1. new one on me. Guess we all go through that stage for longer or shorter periods. I thought I would be "stuck" for ever then woosh I was free so you never know.

    Caroline xxx

  2. Oh we do share that problem...So you thought of a stuck pig. I get that, but as I was reading, and I think it was the woosh from Caroline that really brought the stuck analogy I have to mind; for me that sounds like a clogged drain... LOL Maybe what I need is a plumber and a good cleanout! Whooosh!



  3. Or if you want to carry on the nature theme, stuck on the horns of the dilemma-beast.

  4. I hope you didn't squeal to loudly. ;-)

    Melissa XX

  5. Nope, new one onme too. I see it more as a beached cetacean, or like the Isle of Wight Ferry run aground in Wootton Creek yet again...

  6. Thanks all!

    If you see my more recent post you'll understand why I'm keen to leave nature behind for a while :)

    The guy in question has a bit of a reputation as being slightly off-the-wall. I'm sure there would be people who might find offence in that description so it's worth my saying that for me it was a straightforward informal conversational device to explain to his colleague. I have a feeling she could have been a GP in training rather than a psychiatrist, so with luck she left the room with More of a Clue about people like me.

  7. Stuck Transexual. Erm.

    The problem with that, as it immediately leaps out of the page to me, is the assumption that you want to move on, to be unstuck. Another word for "stuck" is "secure" - could it be you're just secure where you are?

  8. Put that way it's a tough one make no mistake!

    No, I'm not. But Mrs. J is. And inconveniently someone has applied a coat of Teflon to the slope.