Friday, 3 September 2010

Unexpected referral

    This morning as we were fresh from our short holiday, a letter arrived. From the Gender Identity Clinic in London, confirming that I have been referred to them for an appointment.
    Well that's a result, I guess. Unexpected, the last I heard was that my local consultant was going to talk to them to see if anything could be done, and I'm due to see him again towards the end of the month. So things have happened faster than that and the result of his conversation is that I've gained my referral. No idea what they can do for someone in my position, but they wouldn't have taken me on if they had nothing to offer so it's got to be something to look forward to.
    Of course, nothing goes smoothly in these matters. The letter confirms I've been referred, but tells me that I'm waiting for my local Primary Care Trust, the NHS body that signs the cheques in my part of the world, to agree to fund me. And since my local PCT is legendary in its slowness when dealing with gender variant patients I'm not holding my breath for an early GIC visit.
    Still, I'm happy to see some progress, anything beats the uncertainty I was presented with at the start of this process.


  1. Hi Jenny,

    Glad to here that you got a referral to the GIC, hopefully they will be able to help you. I was able to get in touch with the leader of a gender support group in my area, have a meeting with 'Donna' on Wednesday for a sort-of-interview.

    Hugs, Elly

  2. Well its great that you have had this referal and I hope it helps you decide the right path for you to take. x

  3. Thanks both, I have no idea what to expect, but I have to move forward.

    Good luck with your interview, Elly!