Thursday, 8 April 2010

From a coffee shop window

   It's been a bit of an awful couple of weeks hereabouts. Someday I'll blog about what's just happened but for now without going into it I'm just glad that it's over.
    So yesterday lunchtime found us sitting in the front of our local café, eating and people-watching. That place is something of a gem, it's hardly a Central Perk and it has no sofa, but it serves excellent food and damn fine coffee in comfortable and civilised surroundings and as a tonic for the emotionally drained it was perfect.
    The slightly inclement spring weather had brought out a variety of both the stylish and the style disasters for our people-watching entertainment. To the girl on the bike, you were doing so well until you put on that hat. I mean, Ear flaps, what were you thinking!
    When you spend time in a very tense state and suddenly have the whole thing defused in an instant it takes a while to sink in. I remember when my wife received her qualification after several years arduous work, after the final verbal examination at which she was told she'd passed she was most unimpressed at my lacklustre reaction. The truth was that it was delayed, I couldn't quite take it in that she'd passed. And so it has been today, we had a huge load lifted from us yesterday morning and I still can't quite dare to believe it.


  1. Lisa in Raleigh9 April 2010 at 19:32

    Damm fine coffee in England - now that is news!

    Seriously, delighted to hear things are better.

  2. It did come from a machine made in Italy :)

  3. That would explain it... As much as I feel I have to defend some of the English things in life at times over here - I just can't defend the English attitude to coffee...


  4. in comfortable and civilised surroundings

    Now, my English friends tell me the entire country is quite civilized (although we do spell it differently here in the Colonies.)

    Calie xxx

  5. "quite civilised".

    But only quite :)