Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Get thee behind me, girl!

     Just when you think it's safe to breathe easy, it comes back and gets you. Yesterday afternoon my brain went walkabout. Have you seen it anywhere? Just when I needed it to help me deal with a tricky piece of array manipulation for a rather cool software problem on a sadly mundane product, it went on holiday. Perhaps it's trapped abroad by the ash cloud. In its place, girl fog, leading to the insomnia disregarding my pharmaceuticals and treating me to a lovely dawn chorus from the neighbourhood bird life and despite my best efforts disturbing my wife's sleep too. Now I've spent a morning slightly confused, implementing the fix to yesterday's software problem that I painstakingly thought out at four o'clock this morning. Something achieved, and the lift you get from at last having a piece of code that runs as it should certainly raises you out of the fog for a while.
    You have to focus on the good stuff on days like these. It's a lovely day outside, the cherry trees are in bloom and we're going round to a friend's  house this evening for a Chinese takeaway. On a blog like this one the following sentiment might seem a little odd, but get thee behind me girl, I need to work!


  1. I know that feeling...

    At 3 this morning I moved into the spare room not to disturb Mrs Stace...


  2. Its amazing how it gets you.
    One night last week I eneded up having a bath at 4.00 AM after not sleeping and at 5.30 and giving up on sleep I made a cup of tea.
    Deep breath, It will pass.

  3. Fortunately I'm retired, so sleepless nights are less of a concern than when I had be up at 4:30 AM to join the rat race. Now I can always sleep in, in the morning, or just take it easy the next day. Although exhausted in the morning after a sleepless night, I usually get my second wind by late afternoon. I often take a Benadryl(antihistamine) about an hour before bedtime. It helps to quiet the mind, and relax me so I can fall asleep easier.

    Melissa XX

  4. Thanks all. As you'll guess by the timestamp of this comment this is another early morning for me. Yes it'll pass, but it won't be missed!

    That cup of tea sounds like a fine idea. I wonder if I can boil the kettle without waking up Mrs. J.

  5. Don't have a clue about that code stuff, but I do know the feeling.

    Calie xxx