Friday, 16 April 2010

Lobby for the large of foot!

    As part of my investigation yesterday I noticed Walktall are to start supplying large size ladies shoes.
I've dealt with Walktall for a while now for all my bloke shoes and I find them to be a very good company to deal with so in my view this can only be a Good Thing.
    There's only one problem, their enquiry form only goes up to size UK13. Nothing for we ladies of larger foot. I've mailed them to suggest that they consider stocking Pleaser and Le Dame to name but two examples in even larger sizes because they could find a surprising number of their existing male clientèle might be interested.
    So could I ask any other ladies of imposing height who would also like to see better availability of larger size shoes in the UK to give Walktall a shout and say so? It'll probably come to nothing, but if you don't ask you certainly don't get.


  1. Sadly....I'm a UK 9 1/2...

  2. As I've observed before, I'm available for hire to stand next to other T-girls to make them feel small and dainty of foot.