Saturday, 10 April 2010

I have a big head, it's official

    This morning I paid a visit to the excellent John Samuel to pick up my perfect wig after a lengthy choosing process. Well worth the effort to go to a specialist and I'm pleased with the result, far better than bad hair.
    Trouble is, I'm still wigless. We determined that my head is just beyond the parameters of normal wigmaking and it's had to go back to the manufacturer to be enlarged slightly. So near and yet so far.
    Bloke mode again for the support group then. Ah well, at least I'm good at it.


  1. Well done, plucking up the courage to go to a professional. I wasted far too much money buying wigs that didn't suit until the lovely people at Fantasy Girl told me to find a trans-friendly professional. I've never looked back :)

    I'm sure your wig, when it eventually comes, will be gorgeous. Then you can be as big-headed as you like!

    Angie xx

  2. Absolutely, as I've observed before my "girl" may have something of the unconvincing about her but at least she'll be an unconvincing girl who looks as if she's made an effort.

    The fitting and choosing process seems to have taken so long that I'm wondering whether I would have had greater success just growing it out myself :)

  3. But at least once it's there it should be easier to maintain (shouldn't it?)


  4. Unfortunately being follicularly challenged, I have to rely on wigs. I have a large head too, and have a very hard time finding a large cap size wig that flatters my face. I need long straight styles, and they are so hard to find in a large size. Most large size wigs are short and curly, the type my 89 year old mother wears. Definitely not for me! I did find a nice long human hair page, by Wig Pro, but they want nearly $700 for it. For someone who wears a wig every day, that's a bit pricey. The wig you see me wearing in my profile picture, is a synthetic wig called Chantel, by Paula Young Wigs. It comes in average and large sizes in a nice assortment of colors, and sells for about $60 It has an open weft cap, so it is light and airy, and cool to wear even in the summer time. I'd be willing to become the slave of anyone who can tell me where to find large size, reasonably priced straight hair wigs. ;-)

    Melissa XX

  5. Congratulations, Jenny! Well, I have the hair on my head, but don't grow it out. I do have a couple of fairly expensive wigs, which were given to me. Perhaps one of these days, should I see the need, I'll go to a professional.

    Calie xxx

  6. @Stace: I asked for the full lecture on wig maintenace. I think I'll be scared to take it off its stand!

    @Melissa: That sounds like the old adage: "You can have cheap, quick, or good, pick any two". I won't be paying the lowest price from my specialist but I see the extra as worth it for getting the professional trimming and also the style advice.

    @Calie: Like me on the natural hair. Sadly growing it out is a spousal comfort zone issue.